Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Rebuilding your smile

A lost smile doesn’t need to stay that way. Deteriorating teeth alters not just your confidence but the way you talk and interact with others. You’ve taken the first step; let’s take the rest together.



Missing teeth can change your bite, where your remaining teeth drift into these newly formed spaces, not to mention the psychological trauma of losing teeth, and having to replace them with dentures.

Whether it’s a few missing teeth which can be restored with bridgework, singular implants or a small partial denture may, or specialised implant-supported bridge called All-on-4, we can help.

Dr Glenn Willey, has been placing implants for over 25 years. With his expertise, he will guide you through the best options for you to rehabilitate your smile and restore your confidence.



Good dental hygiene is critical in keeping infection at bay. Non-smokers and patients with good oral hygiene habits put themselves in a much better position for a full and fast recovery. Smokers will typically be encouraged to stop smoking beforehand to improve the odds of successful surgery. If properly constructed and cared for, most dental implants should last a lifetime.



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