Fillings to Restore your teeth

The new generation of dental fillings have come a long way: laboratory-created for a bespoke fit and tooth-coloured for a discrete appearance, keeping your teeth stronger for longer.

Fillings, inlays and onlays have become the standard in general dentistry today. Small or medium sized holes can be filled directly in the mouth using composite resin, while larger holes require a laboratory-fabricated porcelain material to restore the tooth – an inlay or onlay.



White fillings are done in the dental surgery and are a good choice for replacing small amounts of tooth structure. However, if you have larger amounts of decay, or cracks on teeth due to old amalgam fillings or general wear, a laboratory-crafted restoration is recommended, giving a natural look and supporting the remaining enamel.


Smaller, resin material fillings done in the dental chair always shrink a little during the setting process, leading to micro-spaces in which food, plaque and bacteria may enter, causing further problems. Inlays and onlays are constructed to precisely fit your tooth, and then bonded, resulting in no shrinkage. Onlays are often a good choice for teeth which have broken down but do not require the full coverage of a crown. There is very little extra tooth preparation required to make space for inlays and onlays, making them a good conservative option to regain tooth function.


Each inlay or onlay requires two visits to complete. Once your old filling or decay is removed, a mould is taken from which our highly technical laboratory team crafts your inlay or onlay to mimic your natural tooth. Once Dr Berera is satisfied with the fit and accuracy of your restoration, and you are happy with the appearance, it is permanently bonded, resulting in a stronger, longer-lasting tooth.

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