Dental Crowns

Porcelain Tooth Crown

If your smile isn’t your crowning glory (see what we did there?), fear not: crowns don’t just restore your teeth to their former beauty, they dramatically improve function too. So you can keep smiling, and chomping, for years to come.



Crowns are an excellent restorative option for teeth which have lost a lot of original structure, due to old fillings, decay or wear. Following a thorough assessment, crown procedures generally require two visits. The first involves preparing the tooth by removing a small amount of enamel, taking a mould and a temporary crown to protect your tooth for the next two weeks. Once your new porcelain crown has been made to fit your exact mould, Dr Berera will fit it in your mouth to ensure accuracy. Once you’re happy, your new crown will be permanently bonded.


Crowns are often placed on teeth that are weakened or are likely to break down, restoring strength and allowing you to use them successfully for many more years. Crowns are also sometimes suitable after root-canal treatment, as these teeth are more susceptible to fractures.There may also be instances when crowns can be used to straighten your smile.

Crowns may be made of a variety materials, including metal, however at Sydney Cosmetic Dentistry we prefer to place all-ceramic crowns, which are free of metal. We use the highest quality materials to ensure the best technical outcome. Our dental ceramists will craft a natural looking crown which will restore your tooth back to function whilst also looking beautiful.

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