Getting Started: Skin Assessment

Consultation and skin assessment with dermal therapist is $55. Fee is redeemable upon first session. All prices are per treatment


Anti-Wrinkles Injections

  • Frown linesfrom $345*
  • Crow's feetfrom $345*
  • Foreheadfrom $115*
  • Gummy smile and smile designfrom $170*
  • * Price dependent on amount required; all injections by a plastic surgeon or medical professional only

Collagen Induction Therapy

Eclipse Micropen

  • Facefrom $500*
  • Decollatage and neckfrom $400*
  • Full Face / Neck / Decollatagefrom $850*
  • * Price per treatment, consultation required; 4 treatments recommended - 10% off for packages of 3 or more treatments if purchased on the same day. All treatments are inclusive of our Hyaluronic Acid infusion and revilalising mask past treatment.

Medical Grade Skin Treatment

Medical-Facial Treatments

  • Anti-Ageing Medi-Facialfrom $150*
  • Problematic Skin Medi-Facialfrom $150*
  • Anti-Redness Medi-Facialfrom $150*
  • Pre- / Post-Operative Ultra Hydra Medi-Facialfrom $120*
  • * Includes Aspect Dr Post Treatment Kit

Skin Peels

  • Skin Smoothing Peelfrom $150*
  • Lactobotanical Peelsfrom $125*
  • Aspect Dr Phytatretinion Peelfrom $160*
  • Benefit Vitamin C Peelfrom $175*
  • Timeless Vitamin A Peel*from $275*

Medispa Loyalty Program


15% savings on all subsequent services offered at Mayura Medispa*

*savings apply for 1year post achieving aligibility into the program and are non-transferable

Along with our international stylist, Zarife Hardy, our expert cosmetic dentist and our professional Medispa team, we have tailored a spectacular package to prepare any bride or groom and their wedding

Package 1

A 1 hour session with our Expert Dermal Therapist Ivana, which includes:

Skin assessment using the 3D Vectra machine

Medi-Facial or Peel to optimise your skin*

Package 2

A 2 hour appointment with our Stylist Zarife:

(this can be on a one basis or with a group of up to 12 of your friends for all the styling tips and tricks you need for the day and beyond)

Dental clean and checkup and complimentary teeth whitening for the big day

VIP rates for injectibles and fillers prior to the Wedding Day

All this day for only $550 per person.

*as recommended by our dermal therapist following a complete skin assessment

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