Arm Lift

A brachioplasty or ‘arm lift’ combines liposuction with incisions in the inner arm and armpit to tighten the surrounding skin producing slimmer, more appealing arms. The procedure targets the inner aspect of the upper arms – an area that is resistant to most forms of exercise, including weight training.



The operation involves a combination of skin and fat excision, along with liposuction. The targeted area is marked out and liposuction performed to reduce the fat in this region. The excess skin is then carefully excised to ensure that the scar is positioned in as inconspicuous a site as possible.


The surgery is performed under general anaesthetic as a day-stay procedure. There is minimal pain and this can be well controlled with oral analgeisia.

Most patients will need 1-2 weeks recovery time off work. You will be required to wear a garment that aids in the control of swelling and wound healing for up to 6 weeks following the procedure.


If you are considering brachioplasty, then It is important that you are informed of the potential risks, complications and side effects of this surgery.

While all care is taken to minimise or totally avoid these complications and side effects, complications may and do occur despite the best medical care. It is important that you carefully read and understand the risk factors and they will be discussed in more detail when you have your consultation with your surgeon.

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