Rebecca Bishop announced as new SCS ambassador!

It was a fateful meeting between Sydney Cosmetic Surgery’s cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr Rohit Kumar, and soon-to-be-patient Rebecca Bishop, for the filming of reality TV show Unveiled.

“When Rebecca first came to me she really was quite upset,” remembers Dr Kumar. “She had seen a cosmetic surgeon and her operation had been incredibly poorly performed. The pockets for her implants had been over dissected, leaving them sitting really high and she had limited cleavage in the midline as the pockets were too wide so the implants were falling off to the side.”

Rebecca was despondent, having seen many surgeons who said her case was too convoluted. “I had begun to lose hope,” admits Rebecca. “Dr Kumar thoroughly explained my complications and that corrective surgery would be quite complex. He reinstated my confidence and together we begun a plan to end with breasts I love!”

Because of the difficult nature of the surgery, Dr Kumar and Rebecca spent a long time planning the operation, before going ahead. He removed the old implants which were too big for her frame and then delicately adjusted the pockets to suit her newer, more appropriate implants.

“Rebecca now has a much more proportionate look with the cleavage she desired and her breasts sit naturally,” says Dr Kumar. “Overall I couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome.”

Adds Rebecca: “Dr Kumar’s professionalism and bedside manners are second to none. Despite my complications, Dr Kumar worked delicately and tirelessly to deliver the breasts I have today.”

So impressed was Rebecca with Dr Kumar’s work, that she was recently named an official ambassador for Sydney Cosmetic Sanctuary. Welcome, Rebecca!

Click here to see Rebecca’s transformation.

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